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Make Your Document Eye-Catchy thru Free Downloadable Page Borders. Check Out Suara Media’s Exclusive Collections Of Fantastic Page Borders.

Do you want to make your document eye-catchy and attractive? It is but natural for every individual to want her or his document to be more informative as well as visually appealing. The option of page borders in Microsoft word enables the user to add beauty to the document. A wide selection of page borders is available like plain, dotted, dashed, shadow, 3-dimensional and artwork. The option of artwork is most suitable for sending documents related to events such as birthday parties, anniversaries or seasonal announcements in the year. The ornamental touch can be lent to every page of a specific section or the full document or just a single page of the document. Use page borders and make your document more beautiful!

How To Download This Page Border: Right click, then click on save image.

vintage page border for word